The Drawing Room Studios and Salon is a cowork  and exhibition space in the city of Edmonton with a mandate to inspire and empower people through interdisciplinary arts. By creating a place that attracts diverse emerging cultural producers to gather and work, The Drawing Room fosters creative collaboration and critical discourse. It's a place to make and think.

The Studio

A cowork studio space, the Drawing Room provides opportunities for discussion and collaboration, with individual work areas for each member. The Drawing Room is home to an interdisciplinary collective of up to nine artists and designers. Membership is available on a monthly basis and costs $250.
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— n
1.  a room in a large house in which guests are received
2. a. a hall for exhibiting works of art
    b. such an exhibition, esp one showing the work of living artists

The Drawing Room Salon shows regular exhibits of experimental art and houses an art book and zine art store. The Salon is a safe space for emerging artists to try something they have never done before.

The storefront gallery and event space has also played host to pop-up shops by local businesses such as Nomad Espresso, film screenings, art workshops, school tours, and monthly discussion series. We aim to give agency to community associations, local entrepreneurs, organizers, and academics. If you need space for a meeting, small event, discussion group or something else, please get in touch.

Who we are


Chelsea Boos
Chelsea has always dreamed of belonging to a studio collective full of diverse people. Her work as a visual artist and designer has led to her involvement in a variety of transitory public art, creative placemaking, and community development projects such as the LIVINGbridge projectDirt City¦Dream City, and Colour Alley, all recipients of Edmonton Urban Design Awards. She can be reached by email to chelsea (at) drawingroomedmonton (dot) com


In May 2013, Chelsea Boos and Sean Bliss founded the Drawing Room as a social enterprise with the purpose of providing accessible space to artists, designers, and cultural producers for developing their practice, engaging their peers and creating a supportive atmosphere to succeed and make mistakes. 


Prioritize the collective: nurture a deep sense of belonging to the community
Build community: provide a gathering place for the public to engage with art and artists
Celebrate disciplinary diversity: bring people of different fields of study together
Design serendipity: provide the right circumstances for unexpected things to happen
Cultivate Interdisciplinary collaboration: facilitate engagement between disparate perspectives
Enable experimentation: support cultural producers in taking risks
Incubate ideas: establish a respectful, productive and safe space for critical discourse
Expect high artistic merit: compel conceptually rigorous and visually strong contemporary work
Break new ground: encourage creators to be provocative, bold, and innovative
Foster emerging artists: give opportunities to new cultural producers
Be inclusive: Reach out to other collectives, studios, organizations, and the community
Challenge normative culture: provide a platform for dissenting voices and subversive ideas
Never stop becoming: remain a professional amateur, a trainee for life