cutting, gluing, sanding, dying, sewing, printing, painting, casting


Artists Ali Nickerson, Mackenzy Albright and Rachelle Bowen have poured their blood sweat and tears into this whimsical sculptural art installation called ... I am the Fire, now on display at The Drawing Room until the end of August. A reception will be held on August 23 at 7 - 9 PM to celebrate the trio's first group effort.

"We are planting seeds of a small artist collective between the three of us. We all have a similar aesthetic and together we are especially interested in classism and other complicated effects of capitalism. The kind of effects that can produce nightmares. At the same time, we hope that our work confronts these fears through a sort of dark humour."  says Bowen.

The subject matter of the work is an oversized lawn chair reminiscient of a throne,  from the artists' personal experience. “Lawn Chairs are a symbol of retreat and relaxation," says Albright. The artists have elevated this mundane piece of backyard furniture to art object by building it out of wood and handmade fabric webbing, making a comment on the tension between socioeconomic classes and low culture versus high culture.


The concept behind the work is the metaphor of Ouroboros, where the consumer is consumed by his or her own hedonism. Albright imagines one could sit in this chair, "drinking a few brewskis as the seven seals are broken and watching the world go to shit. It’s a self-acknowledgement of the snake with the tail in its teeth. It can't help but be devoured by its own desires.“

 The artists surveying their work // photo by Chelsea Boos

The artists surveying their work // photo by Chelsea Boos

Also on display are recent works by Josee Aubin-Ouellette, featuring paintings and drawings, with some collages and prints from her Provisional Structures series.