Series by Kristen Keegan


Black mountains of glass-like waste material (slag) appear where iron and other metals are smelted or refined.  These paintings, through intuited processes, arrive at something in response to these human-made topographies.  Material experiments and open-ended methods of accrual and removal make up a series of actions, reflective of the reconfigured landscape as well as underlying geological processes.
In geology, the term ‘series’ refers to rock layers formed during a certain interval in time.  As units, they are themselves subdivisions and also further subdivided.
Through the play of gesture, colour, form and texture in materials such as beeswax, oil and latex paint, each panel represents a record of its own cumulative time, each a facet or segment of the next.

Exhibition runs April 7 to April 29
Admission $5 or pay what you can to the Artist
Opening Reception at 7 pm on Thursday, April 7

About the Artist
Kristen Keegan is an artist born and based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her work was most recently exhibited in the 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Parade Gallery, Exposure Photography Festival, and Latitude 53 Gallery. She has travelled to attend residencies both remote and urban, and at the end of 2015 was artist-in- resident for two months at Messen in Ålvik, a small factory town in Norway. A road travel enthusiast, she gets around in a grey station wagon known as Alice.