Park(ing) Day

Edmonton’s first Park(ing) Day was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out to view ten different temporary art installations, urban inventions, and performance spaces made out of parts of the avenue that every other day of the year are mere parking spaces.

Thank you, also, to our performers, artists, and interventionists who set the bar high for next year. Whether it was the confetti shower, a space filled with garbage collected from the neighbourhood, the Super Citizen Space, a chance to play fantastical mini-golf, croquet, take part in a silent rock concert, enjoy a tent and campfire, or to record a song live in person, the amount of imagination and creativity shown across the installations showed that art can exist in otherwise-unlikely places.

Thank you

Andrew Buszchak & Émilienne Gervais
Cailin Mills
Stephen Sereda & Gene Kosowan
Jane Purvis & Kelta Coomber
Megan Gnanasihamany, Morgan Melenka, Emmanuel Osahor & Marie Winters
Jesse Northey & Sydney Gross
Robyn Webb & Tom Young
Brad Necyk and Haylee Fortin
Kasie Campbell, Kristen Hiemstra & Jeanette Lazar
Evelyn Liesner, Alex Linfield & Anna Miklas
Erica Morton, Badieh Mozayan & Claire Otto
Alison Ronson
And Tom Young for the photos in the gallery.