Q & A with Sara French

Interview by Stephanie Bailey

 Sara French, Photograph by Stephanie Bailey

Sara French, Photograph by Stephanie Bailey

Have you ever thought of making a doorstop out of book? What about a paperweight? Sara French has. And she tells us all about it in a short interview about her show, Dog-Eared. We cover what she's been reading recently, her fascination with the physicality of books, and the ways in which making sculptural objects is continuous with her performance art. So, if you're a book lover, we invite you to take a break from reading and take a listen instead! 

Artist Statement
In an effort to engage with material I have read recently, from newspaper articles to fictional works, I created a series of sculptures that  embody my desire to reify the experience of reading. In order to augment the content and form of these various and oftentimes disparate texts, I conceptualized their readings, by way of an exploration into the act of their consumption. My process combines traditional mediums such as bookbinding, embroidery, and paper-making with non-traditional materials including: found objects, ephemera, and personal belongings. Extrapolating on the consumption of the written word, this exhibition aims to invigorate books along with the diversity of experiences beyond their covers. 

Artist Biography
Sara French is Hayse French, Norman Eberstein, Reena Smith and Maria Marcolina. As these characters she performs in various situations inside and outside of the gallery setting. When not performing, French is producing work of a performative nature that aim to subvert notions of surveillance, business, and archiving. These works manifest as publications, sculptures, and drawings. French is a member of Hardcopy and she works at dc3 Art Projects while maintaining a studio at the Drawing Room.