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  • The Drawing Room 10253 97 St NW Edmonton, AB, T5J 0L9 Canada (map)

“The question is no longer what we see behind an image but rather, how we can endure what we see in it already" (Deleuze, Cinema II, p. 230). 

Welcome to the second monthly film discussion group, CINEMACHINE that brings together people, film, and contemporary theory to produce new sites for dialogue and dissent. Each month we will explore a film in relation to the Drawing Room exhibitions, linking to some of the bigger questions at play in our contemporary moment — representation, identity, technology, politics. The aim of this group (albeit an aim that is untimely) is to move beyond those analyses of the world that are based on always-already coded modes of knowing, towards an image of the world that operates at the limit of experience, experience in excess of itself.

This month, Jessie Beier will mediate a discussion in context of the exhibition by Jeff Klassen called Work/Life, extending it to our very specific time and relationship with technology. Join us for a compelling evening of drinks and discussion about work as the default for daily life, how our tools/technology shape us, ascribing and internalizing meanings, control through algorithms, and limitations of technology. 

Let’s sense. Let’s think. Let’s become with our world.

Here’s how it works:
Each month a new film is chosen and can be watched at your leisure (links will be provided when possible). Each film will be paired with one (or more) theoretical texts to get us thinking! The discussion will be held at the Drawing Room and will be hosted by Jessie Beier. Jessie will begin with a brief intro to the theory/film at hand, setting the machine in motion. Then, discussion ensues! 


Earlier Event: September 19