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  • Drawing Room 10253 97 St NW Edmonton, AB, T5J Canada (map)

Come and join the artists this Thursday August 7th at the vernissage from 7 pm to 10pm. Nervure by Mel Liles and Sergio Serrano, a mixed media and sound installation, is on exhibition at the Drawing Room from August 6 to August 16.

FEATURING a mail art party! Bring your drawing and collage materials to create postcards for faraway friends and Edmonton expats.

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Nervure is a mixed media collaboration between Melanie Liles and Sergio Serrano inspired by the Paris Syndrome — a condition first diagnosed in 1986 by Hiroaki Ota, a Japanese psychiatrist working in France. This transient disorder, experienced by travellers disenchanted with their destination, brings about feelings of anxiety, delusion, persecution, derealization and depersonalization. 
While some of the contributing factors to this affliction are attributed to language and cultural barriers, what is considered to be it's main cause is idealization of place and the inability to reconcile a disparity between expectation and reality. 
In this work we seek to explore this condition, it's effects and how these feelings are not necesssarily exclusive to Paris nor to travelling, but they can represent a universal predisposition to daydream and build up expectations — and the reaction and coping mechanisms when one is faced with reality. 

Melanie Liles was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Melanie Liles has a degree in Art Education and a background in Theatre Design and Visual Communications. She is currently an Art and French teacher with Edmonton Public Schools and in her spare time works with different forms of printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. Her work often explores ideas around nature, science, and memory.
Sergio Serrano is a graphic designer and artist who has been working as a freelance designer since completing his BDes at the University of Alberta in 2009. His design client-work focuses mainly on the arts and education. His self-initiated work explores different thematic streams including issues of communication, information technology and translation; cosmology, mythology, folklore, proto- and pseudoscience as attempts to understand, explain and communicate human experience; and formal explorations of nonlinear narratives, constructed personal histories and nostalgia. He works in a variety of media including printmaking, drawing, digital, collage and bookworks — both individually and in collaboration with other artists. He has never been to Paris.  

Later Event: August 16