Fantasmagoria by Sergio Serrano ($12)

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Fantasmagoria is like watching Disney’s Fantasia on acid. Through nightmarish re-imaginings of popular imagery from our childhood, Serrano offers a welcome new take on the trend of adult colouring books. Currently lauded as a meditative practice, the act of colouring also appeals to our nostalgic impulses, which is precisely what Fanstamagoria zeroes in on. By colouring-in the familiar-cum-strange tableaus in this collection, we actually enact the disturbing work of our own nostalgia—distorting and twisting memories into something surreal. If you’re not on the adult colouring book bandwagon already, Serrano’s book of truly mesmerizing images is a good place to start.

Sergio Serrano is a graphic designer and artist born in Mexico, now living in Edmonton. He received a BA in Design from the University of Alberta in 2009. His design client-work focuses mainly on the arts and education. Literature and mythology are recurring themes in his artwork, which explores the narratives humans create in order to understand themselves and their place in the world around them. He works in print media and book works, creating images and objects that feel both familiar and unknown. His work also deals with the communication and transformation of these narratives in language, content and form.

Review by Stephanie Bailey
After receiving her MA in English Lit from the University of Victoria, Stephanie Bailey made a sailor hat out of her degree and took to the tumultuous seas of editorial work.