STATIC CONTROL: Book Series by Brandi Strauss ($9)

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Do you like films but lack the attention span to sit through a Tarkovsky or Buñuel masterpiece? Well then, Brandi Strauss’ collages are for you. Each of Strauss’ books brandishes roughly a dozen different collages—all seriously cinematic in scope. Piecing together found images into carefully crafted chaos, each collage condenses what feels like a three hour exploration of human perception and imagination into one immediate Drop of Doom experience. Each book contains its own coherent theme, tackling it all: man vs. nature, machine, history, and, last but not least, mortality. Strauss’ aesthetic is undeniably low-fi video, but the content is definitely highbrow filmic genius. Now playing in a bookstore near you!

Can’t get enough of Edmonton’s very own Brandi Strauss? Join us at The Drawing Room Friday, August 14th at 8pm, for the opening reception of her show, Explore Your Illusions: Fragments of the Mind. The exhibition will feature a number handmade collages and silkscreened prints, and will run from August 14th – September 5th, 2015.

Contact Static Control for commissions or digital prints: Check out more of her stuff here:

Review by Stephanie Bailey
After receiving her MA in English Lit from the University of Victoria, Stephanie Bailey made a sailor hat out of her degree and took to the tumultuous seas of editorial work.